word travels fast from Diana

you can sit in orange chairs
toss back your blue hair
and talk to half-friends
about things they’ll never grasp
but you
(fuck you)
you won’t see what I’m sifting through.


Black Rose

Dirty fucking smile dirty lips that kissed someone else’s and then told me you loved me dirty eyes dirty mind dirty hands that were wrapped around someone else’s dick and then stroked my lips how dare you.

Your pull and push and drag your legs the shoes the promises the victory you feel the fucking victory you feel it’s so unwarranted but you aren’t intelligent enough to even see it not mature enough to feel it not good enough to admit it.

So hide behind your selfies your lips your fingernails and the 50 pounds you just spent at Sephora. If Judaism had a hell I’d pray god would send you to it oh but wait a second my parents didn’t raise me to cheat and spite and cower and lie.

I’ll always be the better person. Go fuck yourself.