I came for a party, but the group appointed me exorcist

Michelle’s bed was unmade
while she was away,
and something scrambles the speakers,
though they’re working right now;
I am here for the party,
and also an exorcism,
Ana is twenty-three and
that’s too old for ghosts,
we agreed;
she stole holy water
from the chapel,
it’s right here in the cup,
but we’re saving it since
we’re mob at the moment,
all drunk from mulled wine,
and the synesthete’s dancing,
though her leg’s in a cast,
and the beat’s purple black,
Heartbeats claps to the street,
and the room is alive;
there are ghosts and we know;
and I see the signs true,
in the South we inherit
ghosts with kudzu,
I am qualified for the position,
I announce to the crowd;
and they whisper in wonder,
brief simmer to hush,
Ana passes the cup;
I dip my hand in the water,
and flick drops at each doorway,
this is good riddance I say,
they join in and we’re chanting,
now profane, delirious,
I press my thumb to wet foreheads,
I have crosses to paint,
water spills to the floor,
we howl and breathe green.


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