dream i: funeral home

dark paneled wood hallway
wide floorboards 
snapping lights flicker
long hallway, could touch either side if i spread my arms out
grimy window panes on the left side 
i’m with someone 
(i don’t know who)
they’re holding me, 
arms wrapped around my shoulders and 
my head is tucked onto their chest

she or he doesn’t want me to look but i do 
i turn my head left 
i realized we’re in a funeral home
the body of someone we know is being treated 

they’re dead and they are close.

we pass the embalming room, flat slab of metal.
fluorescent, sterile.
in the next room, a man in all white is bent over,
supporting the limp body of a dead black man with his shoulder.

the dead's skin is grayish, swollen and shiny.
wearing normal clothes, maybe a sweatshirt and nice pants.

the doctor is holding clippers, and
they buzz loudly as
the doctor cuts his patient's hair. 
the neck is bent because this patient is dead.
hair falls in fuzzy patches to his shirt, his pants.

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